A Vision toward a better future for Egypt

The idea toward a leading innovation and the Egyptian leading forces was once begun with a research paper which was held by Dr. Ashraf Abd el Mohsen who succeeded in picturing how far Egypt was so successful and innovative lately in the ancient Egypt and how it could regain this success by an inner faith that Egypt could strive toward development through working diligently and having faith within its unlimited potentials

With a personal initiative, Dr. Ashraf has previously set a vision for Ramses square as well which was preceded with the general authority for Urban Planning toward a forthcoming vision with experts and specialists assortment for a greater Cairo. ¬†However, the new vision isn’t distant toward implementing a strategic plan for Egypt, the new development for the Cairo capital will never be accomplished without Egypt’s province improvement.

In January 2011, a community of architects and engineers were invited to develop an integrated vision for Egypt to realize the Egyptian expectations. ¬†Therefore, a nonprofit organization (Remel foundation for urban development) was initiated with the chairman of the board of trustees who was Prof, Dr. Ashraf Abd El Mohsen. A distinguished group of university professors and young architects has participated in its foundation which had as a distinctive role, to put this vision for Egypt’s future 712. Which many experts and specialists and those interested parties have participated in through workshops, meetings and debates, which will be mentioned later through an integrated explanation, it’s dimension, and ruling guidelines to attain them.

Likewise, the determinants of the success for a development vision for Egypt and its capital will be achieved by creating nuclei of compelling management for integrated improvements, to ease its load from which Egypt suffered either as a result of a misdistribution, or activities, services, or the social evolution which has resulted from the internal immigration of Cairo’s provinces to focus all their activities in the capital. So that, the beginning of the performance in the financial and business center (wedian), through the alliance, which was signed by cube engineering consultants, with 4 other major engineering firms, who are as well working in the architecture and urbanization field. (Urban Development alliance) 5+

The following projects can be consulted in details, through the most important visions attempted by Cube within collaboration with its partners in success.