Hospitality & Entertainment

Vortex Dubai Gateway

Our scheme mainly addresses many challenges. The location of the site as a gate for Dubai linking it with the airport, the uneasy nature of the plot division, the uneasy site constraints in building, the Expo & its location to the site and the notion of designing something so dynamic, that it wouldn’t feel old with time and excels at giving the user a new experience every visit.

Nabq Bay

NABQ Protected Area (NPA) is a 600 km2 (230 sq mi) protected area located in the Egypt, South Sinai Governorate. It was established by the Prime Ministerial where Dahab marine section was added to the protected area as a Dahab Environmentally Managed Area DEMA and finally having NABQ Managed Resource Protected Area which is known shortly as (NMRPA).

Royal Palace Resort

A unique royal and luxurious Moroccan spirit was the dominant for designing a spa and wellness center targeting the elite society of Qatar.