Gov. Parks & Facilities

Palestinian Embassy, Cairo

A contemporary blend between traditional Palestinian architecture with its elements, and modern architecture with its simplicity and purity, offering an administrative space with a very authentic spirit as well as fulfilling all functional requirements in an efficient and simple way.

Al-Azhar Library

HIGHNESS GRACE SUBLIMITY Our scheme for this international, limited-contestants competition addresses its goal by creating a unique design for Al-Azhar as part of the remaking of a very vibrant precinct in the heart of Cairo within its community. This new library resembles much more than just a place for books, it is a place to learn, meet and explore the vital heritage and most ultimately a place to be an investment in a true public building.

Palestinian Consulate, Cairo

To revitalize the legacy of Palestine through using stones as a symbol of their heritage and struggle across the history, in contradiction to using the glass facade that symbolizes freedom, transparency and the eye of the future. By so, the materials of the building are the major effect where the past and the future collide giving a new fresh image to the deep legacy of Palestine.