Vortex Dubai Gateway

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Conceptual Design

Y E A R: 2014

Our scheme mainly addresses many challenges. The location of the site as a gate for Dubai linking it with the airport, the uneasy nature of the plot division, the uneasy site constraints in building, the Expo & its location to the site and the notion of designing something so dynamic, that it wouldn’t feel old with time and excels at giving the user a new experience every visit.

The hard nature of the site’s plot division is the main challenge faced. The shape of the plot makes for a very powerful constraint on the formation of the project’s masses, and the challenge was to put that constraint to good use, and make the most out of it.


The new gateway to Dubai ‘Vortex’ is a mixed use complex provides a unique feature to the area and merges the city with its edge in a new dynamic way that allows for public interaction, quality living, and new forms of spaces rarely experienced in a metropolis of heights like Dubai.

Our idea for the building was to utilize the energy and force coming from the main road on the northern edge of the plot. The force coming from the dynamic motion in the road was reflected on the adjacent building, making it look like it is flowing along the road, creating negative spaces and terraces within the skin that give a very unique spatial experience.

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