The Green River – The Capital Cairo

The master plan concept

establishes a network of walk able, “cultivated” park areas within the Green River’s 7 park parcels, while leaving select areas as sculpted “hinterland.”

The green vessels that spreads all over the city, supply it with Life and entertainment

The green vessels (Pedestrian and bikes walk ways) , continue spreads thought the valleys, connecting the citizens to all over the capital through walk able entertain roads.

It goes through the oasis, until it reaches the green river, without being cut.The green river is 35 km, it connects all the city by its branches the main service hubs in each valley ( The oasis ).

CP1 contains :

1.The Mosque

2.Botanical Garden

3.El Khan Tradition garden / commercial avenue

4.Lodges & kiosks

5.The Open Zoo

6.The Park

7.Foot Court & waterfall

8.Plaza Entrance with palms

9.Watch Islamic mezwala

CP2 contains: 

1.The Boutique Hotel

2.Recovery Resort & Healing park

3.The Food Court

4.Public Park

5.The Club

6.Foot court with R2 Arena plaza

7.Dancing Fountain

8.7  Spas & Wellness Centers

CP3 contains :

1.Riverfront retail and restaurants

2.Playgrounds ) The CLUB)

3.Plaza with palms

4.The Dancing Fountain

5.Arena & plaza stage



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