The Atrium Foodcourt

R E Q U I R E D: Vision ,Conceptual Design

Y E A R: 2014

L O C A T I O N: Cairo, Egypt

Bringing back the iconic ‘MalahyAdham’ in a new fashion!
Our vision is based on transforming one of the favorite places for the kids of
The 80’s and early 90’s, into another favorite place for that very generation, and many others.
An atrium is architecturally defined as a space inside a building, that resembles a courtyard,
but usually with a glass ceiling. It is generally considered a breathing space
for a building, where it provides lighting, ventilation and overall openness.
THE ATRIUM, is a breathing space in the middle of an area crowded with buildings,
history, culture, people, traffic and noise.
It is a haven within everyday turbulence and disturbance, a place that is serene, transparent
and utterly unique in its area.

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