SIGNATURE food court & 5-star floating hotel

A project that will revolutionize river side dining in Cairo. A new language of design, and signature quality that cannot be found anywhere else. A new brand of lightness, fun and life. 

Diamond boat, a luxurious floating hotel that was famous back in the 60’s, now has a chance to come back with a bang. The location of boat in Maadi Corniche gives the boat a chance to shine with a new idea, a new technique that would make it very unique in its area. Currently, there is an abundance of food courts and floating restaurants in the city, hence a new idea was needed to make the place stand out and be known for its innovative  and quality. A Signature project.

Signature. A new brand of lightness, fun and life. The intention is to design for fun, design for life and
make it easy and unique. The idea in Signature was to achieve spacious seating areas, overlooking
the water (or in it) that would make a person feel lively, within a new language of thinking, designing
and interacting. Flying above is a mass so light that feels like its floating as much as the boat is. A
hot air balloon that flies regularly for a private pre-reserved dinner, floating tables in the Nile with in water lights and a romantic mood.

The location beside water, the presence of a boat, the addition of floating decks, the daily flights of the hot air balloon, the penguin aquarium, all of those are factors that add to the project a unique sense of excitement. By mixing a lot of different types of activities, the place is suitable for all age groups and outing purposes.

By applying our philosophy of including the 4 elements of life in all projects, Signature achieves a unique status by having an excess of water features, green areas, open spaces and good natural lighting conditions.

 Provided Services


  • -Indoor Restaurants 
  • -Nile view outdoor restaurants 
  • -Roof terrace restaurants 
  • -Boat’s sun deck dining 
  • Dining floating decks
  • Penguin aquarium 
  • Air balloon platform 
  • Media projector screen
  •  Waterfalls and fountains 
  • Touring cruise yacht
  • Green spaces 

-Reception (Reception Office/ Security deck)
-Administration ( Information room/ -Manager’s office / Accounts and financial office )
-Entrance lobby

-Rest rooms 
-Service drop off 

The Port

Four Nile view restaurants with their services, facilities and outdoor areas

  • The first restaurant space has the biggest outdoor area, around 400 m2 of that area is on the street level as a roof terrace.
  • The second restaurant space is the second biggest. It is the only space with direct entrance from the street level. Its kitchen is on the lower level, as well as additional indoor and outdoor seating areas.
  • The third restaurant is the only one without a street level area. it is the smallest of the four restaurants but instead has a direct line of access to the boat and its facilities and view.
  • The fourth restaurant is the second smallest, but it does have an outdoor area on the street level, overlooking the Nile and the boat. The kitchen though is on the lower level, along with the deck seating area and the indoor area.

The sun deck is divided into two restaurants, but they have a unified seating area. Both kitchens are added in new masses at the back edge of the boat, with both their counters adjacent to each other. Each restaurant has an estimated area of 335 m2 including the kitchen.There already existed a restaurant on the second floor of the boat. It is proposed that this restaurant becomes divided into two other restaurants, along with the already available kitchen. The space would easily fit two different restaurants
whether seating are combined or separate.

The reception area of the boat has a very classical 60’s disco era feel to it. That reception will be redesign to fully embrace the new language used in the rest of the project. It is the only entrance to the boat and has to convey the spirit that is achieved in the rest of the project.

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