Royal Palace Resort

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Project Description

R E Q U I R E D: Conceptual Master Plan, Conceptual Design

Y E A R: 2013


  • A unique royal and luxurious Moroccan spirit was the dominant for designing a spa and wellness center targeting the elite society of Qatar.
  • We have integrated with the climate, location, nature and traditions to get a proposal mixing both of the royal Moroccan theme and nature.
  • A secured access was offered for the owners only with a creative green buffer zone surrounding the units to ensure maximum privacy and experiencing the luxurious life-style.
  • Creating a luxurious journey of different experiences by weaving introvert spatial qualities, spatial flow, functional relationships between spaces, indoor/outdoor and inside out relationships environments and providing diverse spaces equipped with state of the Moroccan art equipment that facilitate collaborative and unique royal spaces.



Earth: Plantation & Trees

Fire: Heat & Sun

Air: Ventilation & Wind

Water: Water Features & Lakes

A Creative Fusion between Moroccan Architectural Style, Qatar’s Unique Identity, Natural Environment & Royal Life-style.

We have integrated with the Climate, Location, Nature and Local Traditions to get a proposal mixing both of the Royal Moroccan Theme and Nature.

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