Ramsees Square Development

Project Description

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Conceptual masterplan.

Y E A R: 2010.

C L I E N T: General Organization for Physical Planning.

This Project was part of a greater vision for Cairo in our Cairo 2050 Vision

Project elements
– Reorienting the bridge’s path to a distance of 1600 meters.
– Creating a number of houses to connect the tunnel with ahmed helmy street and also with public transportation parking with shobra tunnel, and two streets of al-galaa and ramsis, and ahmed badawy tunnel.
– Adding a metro station in front of the garden to be the ending point for the metro station and misr el gedeeda.
– Developing the square area and all the leading streets, and creating a plaza for the station
– Creating a bridge connecting al-fagala and ramsis street to ahmed helmy tunnel in shobra.
– Decreasing traffic density around ramsis square by redirecting 50% of the movement to other streets around the square.
– Achieving ease of access to the square and better pedestrian flow, taking in consideration the need of separation between movement of pedestrians and vehicles through platforms on higher levels.
– Creating a public park around the square that’s fully equipped with services needed for people passing by the area or those resident around the area.

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