Oscar City Development

Sukhna Highway… A short distance from Cairo, one and a half hour drive on the new highway, Ain Sukhna is fast becoming one of the top getaway vacation spots on the Red Sea Coast, making it finally possible to combine a short stay in Cairo with some sun & sea pleasant.With intact shores and an air of boundless tranquility. The area gets its name from the bubbling springs in the close by Ataka Mountain. Located within the Suez governorate, Ataka Mountain soars 800m above sea level. It is a must see location when you are in Ain Sukhna, for its stunning unforgettable setting. Therefore Oscar city parks is a stunning project idea to be implemented on the Cairo sukhna highway which is a devastating area to begin with.


The idea of ​​the proposed project is to present all the requirements based on the film industry allowing them to rise and outright with the world by creating an integrated complex span cinemas, theaters, studios, commercial markets, galleries, residential areas for workers, entertainment centers, Hotels and clubs. The Oscar City project is known as the biggest building in the Middle East, which highlight all the needs of the film industry and media, executing it as a preeminent position in which it can compete globally.

  • A positive contemplation on the economy by increasing the gross national product.
  • A clear reflection on employment and conceive new jobs in the commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Flourish new approaches and facilities for film making, production & directing.

Design and Planning

The designers exhilarated by the nature of the place in a very simple stunning architecture style. Sun, air, water, sukhna setting, were the main design elements that forms the space with scopes that identify the area culture, and it was obviously clear conclusions to think of developing new techniques for the film industry. Each and every aspect of a project location, idea, surrounding atmosphere are consistently defining the obvious development of the cinema industry techniques. And this is the main focus that we want to maintain. To develop a new understanding of how the cinema is a very important thing to take care of and to look for its new method and develop it because the cinema industry is what connect people together therefore it has a great impact on people. 

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