Nabq Bay

Project Description

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Conceptual Master Plan, Architectural Design

Y E A R: 2012

NABQ Protected Area (NPA) is a 600 km2 (230 sq mi) protected area located in the Egypt, South Sinai Governorate. It was established by the Prime Ministerial where Dahab marine section was added to the protected area as a Dahab Environmentally Managed Area DEMA and finally having NABQ Managed Resource Protected Area which is known shortly as (NMRPA).

The Protected Area Management Unit (PAMU) of Nabq is one of the Sinai Protected Area Net Work which is affiliated to the Central Department of the Protected Areas in Egypt under the Nature Conservation Sector of EEAA. The PAMU is responsible of controlling, developing protection actions, cooperation with stakeholders, enforcing the environmental laws (law 102/1983 and law 4/1994) and reporting the Sinai Regional PA Office in Sharm El Sheikh, which in turn reports to NCS/EEAA in Cairo.


The protected area had the status of Managed Resource Protected Area (MRPA) IUCN which is managed mainly for sustainable use of natural ecosystem. It is an area containing mostly unmodified natural systems, managed to ensure long-term protection and maintenance of biological diversity, while at the same time providing a sustainable flow of natural products and services to meet community needs.


  • To maintain the natural and cultural resources in good conditions and conserve Nabq Protected Area biodiversity.
  • To enhance the sustainable utility of natural resources in the Protected Area.
  • To promote Nabq Protected Area as a focal point for ecotourism in the region, and supporting socio-economic benefits to the local community
  • To increase public understanding and appreciation of Nabq Protected Area natural and cultural heritage.

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Ministry Of State For Environmental Affairs

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