Moneeb Terminal

Project Description

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Strategic Plan.

Y E A R: 2010.

C L I E N T: General Organization Of Physical Planning.

This Project was part of our vision for Helwan City in our Cairo 2050 Vision
Moneeb Terminal Station provides various means of transportation capable of future expansion to absorb a train station extended to upper egypt›s line, 142 or more city buses, 64 or more province buses, 216 or more microbuses, 3050 or more taxis and vehicles and a metro. provided that a mall and an adminstrative building exist of 14,800m2 area and 1.5FD green areas.

– Density of crowd passing by moneeb square causing traffic jams as the area does not absorb the intake of such capacity of people.
– inconsistent relevance between different types of public transportation at the square causing traffic jams.
– no exploitation of lands or empty areas for parking or any other solutions.
– Slums and informal areas in the district that are capable of expanding due to the availability of empty lands and agricultural lands that are kept unused.

– to resuse lands wether empty or built with better options. legalizing exploitation of the lands, and minimizing slums and informal areas around the terminal.
– construct a railway train station that work as the main line to upper egypt›s line.
– creating a new civilized vision for giza province.
– construct a central station including all means of transportation to re-organize and balance the motion within the zone of cairo and giza.
– creating new investment projects and services that aim to cover the expenses of the project and work as a fund meanwhile.
– Finding solutions for the traffic jam problems that could afford the current pressure of the crowd and the expected future problems to avoid.

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