Moneeb District development

Project Description

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Strategic Plan.

Y E A R: 2010.

C L I E N T: General Organization Of Physical Planning.

This project was part of our Vision for Helwan City in our Cairo 2050 Vision
Of area 1400 FD, the Moneeb area is called the gate of upper egypt where the road to upper egypt had begun to exist and is considered to be one of the largest districts in south giza with high traffic jams. Passing by it the ring road dividing moneeb district into three zones due to the long streets. the area is distinguished for it›s moneeb metro station, and the moneeb parking stop zone that is located under the moneeb bridge that has buses taking passengers from moneeb to upper Egypt, Alexandria, Al-Fayum and many more stops. Also the moneeb garage park for public transportation like microbuses & taxis.
Aim is to develop moneeb area due to unbalance of the area›s function and creating new projects like Moneeb port land. Source of funding would be through proposing the lands that will be planned to utilize facilities touristical, entertainment, admintrative through selling with ownership rights or through remainder rights at the beginning of the project until furthur income.

– Qorsaya Island & Cornish.
– Urban Development/ Unplanned Areas.
– Moneeb Terminal.
– Nile Park.
– Nile Towers.
– Urban Border- New Housing.

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