Mena Rainbow Square

Project Description

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Conceptual Master Plan

Y E A R: 2013

Rainbow colors and the spirit of nature were dominant in the design of Mena Riviera Resort targeting a humanistic approach, comforting the residents in a luxurious natural way.
Rainbow Square resembles much more than just a resort for relaxing and entertaining after a hard week, it’s a place where u can experience different activities through the colorful Rainbow walkway and plaza, offering full time enjoyment vacation for adults, teens and kids alike.
Integrated with the climate, location, nature and traditions to get to an optimum result for a new experience in an already established vacation destination that is the North Coast.
Our proposal offers a potential for a new luxurious sense of privacy derived out in our design where the buildings are distributed among the site on three different ground levels to facilitate the sea view for the whole site and the natural landscape in the heart of the project to generate a sense of containment and openness.

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