Mediterranean University

Year: 2015

Area: 30FD/ 126,000 m2

Location: in the north-east of Kafr El-Sheikh, the center of Al-Borolus

The Mediterranean Colorful Cities

The Mediterranean coast is home to some of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world. These well-preserved coastal cities have a captivating medieval atmosphere. There are magnificent Venetian palaces, museums, a wealth of art and architecture. The nature in its loveliest, most scenic guise.These cities is full of fabulous art and colors, that was taken into consideration through the design process, each faculty has specific color that specify the Mediterranean atmosphere.

“A place dedicated to knowledge. A catalyst for innovation & creation. The source of a cultural tidal wave, that will reshape the future of Egypt.”

Building a leading center for excellence between the best Egyptian and Arab universities in teaching, research, development and creative positive expression, and to be interacting with all the society institutions to prepare qualified cadres of graduates who are able to contribute to economic and social development in the homeland

1. Providing world-class educational and research services.
2. Graduates students are fully equipped to the labor market to achieve the highest personal and professional standards.
3. To strengthen and consolidate scientific research and innovation through learning and developing the latest global research mechanisms findings
4. Team work and cooperation between the university, state institutions, the private sector and civil to determine the needs of society and keep pace with aspirations.
5. The university is smart, sustainable and vibrant and interacts with the community
6. The idea of the proposed plan is to create a center that will integrate the society into the university through the work of a university center, commercial and administrative activities
7. To enjoy the city residents as well as students.

Seven principles used:
Creative University : Curricula and teaching methods that help innovation and creativity Laboratories and Research Centers for Postgraduate Studies and Advanced Research The center of the university prepares students to present their creativity and research to the community
Connected University: The integration of colleges and students continues. The university connected with the community The university connected with the international scientific community
Green University: 60% of the university area is open green areas
Smart University: Mechanize all university activities, including curricula The entire campus covers by Smart Information Network An internal information network for all faculties
Sustainable University: 50% of energy using solar and renewable energy 100% water consumption of seawater desalination and use 100% of irrigation water consumption from wastewater treatment
Livable University: One of the finest institutions of higher education in Egypt Offers a Life style and Entertainments that meets the students satisfaction let them feel like homey place.
Business University: The University serves the Educational business sector

Number of students in the Mediterranean University: 15,000 Students 

• Faculty of Medicine
• Faculty of Pharmacy
• Faculty of Dentistry
• Faculty of Nursing
• Faculty of Physiotherapy
• Faculty of Engineering
• Faculty of Law


  • Administration and conference center
  • Educational hospital 

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