Luxor Corniche Development

Developing city’s corniche to represent Luxor with its great heritage, to the Nile travellers that meets the city at the corniche venue, however this corniche acts as a city guest reception. On the other hand to solve the problems of the inconvenient floating hotels and touristic boats that platforming on the same corniche, to give the city residents more uninterrupted view to the waterfront. Designing astonished landscape that gives joy to the walkers, readers and people that looking to enjoy weekend chilling activities, also the city tourists and visitors. Moreover, to improve the venue attractions and enriching the experience of all goers and walked through the world’s greatest open-air museum.


•The difference of cultures and ideologies of visitors vary kinds

•Developing convenient atmosphere alongside with many activities and multipurpose usage

•Solving the problems of the inconvenient floating hotels and touristic boats platforming

•Finding solutions for levels’ difference, between the Nile’s water level and street level

•Dedicating suitable area for every single usage purpose, including commercial area (retail shops)


Design & Planning

The designers inspired by the nature of the place in a very simple folkloric architecture style. Sun, air, water, the valley and the rocks, were the main design elements that forming the space with scales that identify the area culture, and it was obviously clear conclusions to think naturally… in architecture it seems like you researching the natural changes of the location over time that drew the surrounding scene. Every elements of a project of location, environment and surrounding atmosphere, always they are defining the nature of the design, and this is the what we’re focusing on; to develop a smart spaces and connections that inspiring the people how to be part of the environment, however human is the main element among all, 

It was clear that we need to solve the challenges first then adding values, the reason we designed the marina on one end of the corniche, doesn’t prevent visitors of enjoying the view, and to keep along the coast line clean, on the other hand the marina line added value to the view, from the ground and the landscape had been more visible to every boat or floating hotel on the marina… Luxor corniche is a walkway down that gives you a full view of the Nile and the city, with different activities that enriching lifestyle, surrounded with open-air greenery spaces





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