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HOUT BAY is a beautiful and unique coastal town near Cape Town, South Africa. It derives its name from Afrikaans word Houtbaai meaning Wood Bay and was first made famous for its ample supply of good timber desperately required by the Dutch colony established in Table Bay in 1652. Very little of the original forests still exist today and Hout Bay has been transformed into a bustling little village with an estimated population of over 42000 people.

Hout Bay’s beauty is unforgettable and is surrounded by an amphitheater of mountains that seem to majestically guard over its calm indigo bay. Hout Bay beach consist of large stretch of powder white sand with a gentle river running through the middle.

Hout Bay is loved not just for its breath-taking scenery but also for the relaxed family oriented lifestyle it offers. It is often affectionately referred to as the Republic of Hout Bay due to the unique pride and passion of its residents. Although elections for the Republic of Hout Bay have not been held for many years the Hout Bay passport is still available.

Hout Bay offers an exceptional holiday experience with an emphasis on nature, sun, sea and sand.

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