Horus Island

R E Q U I R E D:  Conceptual masterplan

Y E A R: 2010

C L I E N T: General Organization For Physical Planning.

This Project was part of or Vision for Cairo City in our Cairo 2050 Vision


- Al-waraq residence depend on boats as means of transportation and it›s the only mean of transporation available for exiting or entering the island and it›s not safe.

- lack of water & drainage network on the island due to the small scale of water station provided to them.

- lack of sewage solutions & people depend on the trenches machines and when the scavenging carts remove trenches, all the remains are thrown in the nile river causing more pollution problems/

- lack of social service such as schools where there is only one school on the island for primary & elementary educations not providing highschool.

- lack of medical care regardless the availability of a hospital on the island since it lacks amount of doctors needed for the area and their inability of services.

- lack of bread for the area as there is only one bakery on the island which doesnt provide the required amount to serve the people since the island faces exceeded populations problems.

- lack of stable infrastructure on the island since some buildings collapse/


- Creating open public areas that is entertaining and educational, horus park.

- Improving the quality of life for the people of the island.

- Investing the unique place of the island.

- Creating attraction points for tourism, entertainment & job vacancies.

- to be the symbol of ecosystems and sustainabilty & to be environmentally friendly expressing the city contemporary green landmarks..


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