Helsinki South Harbor

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Urban Planning, Program Formulation and Master Plan study, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development.

Y E A R: 2011

The South Harbor is in a very rich context with history, culture and nature. The significance of the surroundings had to be fully understood to meet the urban requirements and add something new while having full respect towards the cultural heritage. The “Life Lines” Harbor is considered to be a dynamic output via two different approaches. The Natural Heritage & The Cultural Heritage

It is based on full functionality by all means; starting from business and trade to life style and entertainment. The concept introduces an architectural form, that is not native to the area, but it is very well integrated with it, so as not to affect and enrich.


Introducing the Techno/Sustainable South Harbor of Helsinki ranked within top 10 global Harbors all over the world

  • Introducing the New Helsinki South Harbor within two combined approaches;
    • Green Techno-Cultural Axis, Human Heritage
    • Sustainable Eco-Natural Axis, Natural Heritage
    • Introducing five main interrelated parameters, fulfilling Helsinki’s new bi-approach:-
    • The New Harbor Matrix
    • Energy Parameter  [Blue Theme]
    • Verdure Parameter  [Green Theme]
    • Construction Parameter  [Yellow Theme]
    • Finishing Parameter  [Pink Theme]
    • Communicational Technology Parameter  [Orange Theme]
    • Concluding the Matrix Key Findings.


  • Reaching a Duality of the Historical Neo-Classical city of the harbor with a bumming Green Technological city of modernity.
  •  Renewable Energy Resources and Sustainable grids function efficiently and reliably meeting the developing market demandsAn expanding emissions trading system promotes the fulfillment of climate targets.
  • Grids work reliably making possible reasonably priced grid services and access to the market.
  • A functioning and cost-effective production entity.
  • Initiating an Internal and External National Security Outlet to the Finnish civilians.
  • Active influence to enrich the whole harbor area into cultural, entertainment, and services facilities.
  • International Goal orientated to global Harbor ranking.
  • Will to co-operate with the whole city of Helsinki by reviving the Old Harbor.


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