Gameat El-Dowal

Project Description

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Strategic Plan.

Y E A R: 2010.

C L I E N T: General Organization Of Physical Planning.

This Project was part of our Vision for Giza City in our Cairo 2050 Vision

– Traffic lights are not of much use due to their placement in the street of high altitude in the area, and their variety causes confliction between vehicles and transportations service cars frmo buses, taxis and microbuses.
– Lack of parking spaces that would absorb the big number of vehicles currently functioning the area.
– Lack of organization between different utilities and functions of the area like commercial, adminstrative or entertaining usages.
– Lack of exploitation of the street’s section proven through the usage of the square and the width of pavements.
-Lack of Prayer area for the mosque causing the streets to jam and people crowded around the mosque.

– Finding solutions for traffic jams and achieving motion fluidity for the road.
– Providing solutions for parking problems for the surrounded areas.
– Creating investments that would participate in the process of funding the project with expanding the areas required services with minimum time taking into consideration the possibility of executing the project without disturbing the motion of the street.
– Planning the project with a civilized target that suits the required functions of the street wether commercial, religious or other functions available or needed.
– achieving good separation between motion of the vehicles and pedestrian walkways.
– Utilization and exploitation of the street’s section for it’s full function.
– Separation of the slow motion vehicles and transportation means as buses or taxis, taking into consideration the relation between those moving and those who are parking through expanding the width of the street.
– Taking that the value of land is high for investing, therefor two basement floors below the street surface added and used for parking areas for any kind of vehicle, connected to and accessible to the metro’s line.

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