R E Q U E S T: Vision, Conceptual masterplan.

Y E A R: 2011

L O C A T I O N: South Africa

ERAFRIKA a city of heritage, a city of modenity, a city with a sense of warmth, a city of connectivity, economy, green technologies, freedom, African wings that fly

AFRICAN voice to the universe.


Drum Beat is the HEART BEAT of the community.

  • such is the power of drums ....... The power of belonging and solidarity.
  • KAWAITO is the national South African Dance which symbolizes SELF EXPRESSION & a way of LIFE.
  • Growth of KAWAITO upon South African History not only changes the music scene but also changes many " URBAN CULTURAL ASPECTS " as well.

It's time to connect to be a part of the collective RHYTHM of LIFE

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