Degla Safari Park

Project Description

C L I E N T:  Degla Safari Park Company, Arabian Capital Holding Group Of Companies

Y E A R: 2009

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Conceptual Master Plan, Conceptual Architectural Design

Degla safari park project is an innovative, inspiring development that represents an integral part of Helwan Governorate’s bold vision to become the tourism, commercial leisure and entertainment center. The ‘Degla safari park’ will be the only World of Adventure in Egypt, skillfully blending entertainment commercial tourism with eco-Tourism. This designated site covers approximately 800 feddans . It is accessible from the main road, The Ring Road, on Ein- Elsokhna high way.

It is a concept that will not only be a major attraction in the Cairo marketplace but will provide a stimulus to firmly establish the Degla region as one of the foremost areas in Cairo with a vibrant and desirable image. The proposed project involves the development of a unique safari park and amusement park attraction to the highest international standards, innovative and market leading. As such, it will build a quality profile for the Degla area that is known not only from an Egyptian perspective, But also across the Gulf States and further afield.

Degla Safari Park is a project that clearly has an existing domestic market which, even on the most conservative assumptions, will provide an excellent return on investment. The estimated 22 million residents of the Cairo hinterland have a demonstrably growing prosperity and, significantly, a growing requirement for international standard leisure attractions. As the population becomes further developed and more sophisticated, this demand will continue to expand.

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