Degla Safari Park

Main Concept: New Era of safari parks starts here from the deep mysteries of nature. Egypt, expressing the biggest safari park in the world. The project symbolizes royalty and mystery of Egypt presented in the Egyptian cobra, and spirited by all the sacred animals in the ancient Egyptians life. Passing through Degla Canyon to the site looking for the best location to stand up to be the Royal Guard of Degla Canyon. The royal cobra during its journey through Egypt’s land, passed through the Degla Canyon looking for a location to settle for eternity and to be the royal guard of Degla canyon. The cobra is an emblem of Lower Egypt. It is associated with the king, and kingdom of Lower Egypt. It is also associated with the sun and with many deities. The cobra represented the “fiery eye of Re”, in which two uraei can be seen on either side of a winged solar disk. Starting in Middle Kingdom the uraeus appears as a symbol worn on the crown or headdress of royalty. It is used as a protective symbol, the Egyptians believed that the cobra would spit fire at any approaching enemies. 

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