City of Knowledge – The Capital Cairo

Project Description

R E Q U R I E D: Conceptual masterplan

Y E A R: 2015

V I S I O N: City of Knowledge is recognized as one of the top 10 innovative and creative hubs in the world. It is a model university that interweaves fundamental knowledge and liberal education with real-life practice.

M I S S I O N: City of Knowledge is dedicated to excellence on both the national and the international levels. Through freedom of academic expression, knowledge is created and disseminated by means of scholarly and creative achievements, education, practice and outreach.

With a focus on creative teaching and learning, the City of Knowledge helps every student grow intellectually and become a contributing member to national and international communities. Through research, teaching, services, and outreach, the City of Knowledge embraces diversity and cultivates leadership, integrity, and engaged citizenship in the students, staff, and alumni.

The City of Knowledge promotes the health and well-being of all citizens by enhancing the social, economic, cultural, and natural environments of the city and beyond.

The City was divided to main sectors to reach our Vision and Goals for The City:

  • University
  • School
  • Industrial Incubators
  • Technical Incubators
  • Workshops
  • Labs
  • Institutes
  • Conference Center
  • Residential
  • Dorms
  • Down Town
  • Hotel
  • Solar Fields
  • Administration
  • Extension
  • Sports area
  • Mall

As the City of knowledge exists in The New Administrative Capital it was designed to make sure it followed the main 7 principles of the Capital:

  • Green City
  • Sustainable City
  • Walkable City
  • Connected City
  • Livable City
  • Smart City
  • Bussinnes City

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