Project Description

R E Q U I R E D:  Urban > Urban Development, Urban Vision

Y E A R: 2012

C L I E N T:  General Organization of Physical Planning


The idea behind Al Hayah city was to create a concept of living, a strategy to provide premium quality of life to all people of all classes and ages. It aims to drag the population into it, reduce density on older cities, and provide a new, better and more efficient model of design, planning and living. While designing the concept for the city, Helwan was chosen as a first prototype, even though the concept is not attached to a specific location, but could be modified to fit anywhere since it is a vision for life, a concept of providing the necessary.

The vision is based upon several dimensions, that if and when fulfilled, could provide the optimum living environment for a dignified culture. Those dimensions ensure the sustainability of life in the city, its culture, traditions and values. Those dimensions are; Human, Spiritual, Social, Cultural, Economic, Political and Ecological Dimensions.


•The long term goals of this vision include:

•Creating new urban communities and planned areas built on a strong economic base.

•Solving the housing problem in Cairo by redistributing the masses.

•Organizing clusters of urban concentration, achieving balance between services, job opportunities

•Solving the issue of unplanned areas (slums), specifically in Helwan.

•Reducing the current density in the big cities

•Creating more attraction to newer places

•Creating new axis of development across the country

•Providing more job opportunities whether directly or indirectly

•Achieving good social standards of living that would suite the Egyptian citizen.

•Providing the low class society with housing plans that would provide a better life instead of the informal areas grouped at the corners of urban clusters.

•Merging the urban clusters as much as possible to unite greater cairo.

•Providing new employment opportunities to cut down poverty rates.

•Increasing the standard of services.

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