Al-Fustat Open Museum

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Urban Planning, Program Formulation and Master Plan study, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Tender services, Construction and Post-Construction Supervision

Y E A R: 2010 – Present


“FUSTAT, THE OPEN MUSEUM” transcends the region to be a cultural heritage site that is unique in the world, where the integrated area of Fustat along with the area of Islamic Cairo and Khedivian Cairo to be a world heritage site, within the framework of integrated development policies aimed at economic development of the site balanced with environmental and aesthetic heritage and tourism potential, which is based on having the largest variety of archaeological sites on a global level, by following the policies of rehabilitation, preservation and configuration, aiming to integrate historical and modern areas ensuring continuity and vitality.


  1. Innovative Land Use Planning Integrated with Transport Planning
  2. Managing Urban flows through ecological ecosystem.
  3. Providing open spaces in urban plans
  4. Green Areas Enhancement and Flood Control
  5. Scheme for mixed land use can be encouraged


  1. Solid Waste Management
  2. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions in the Public Sector.
  3. Reduction of the energy use and emissions per capita in the city.
  4. Minimizing of the conversion of and encroachments on natural areas, ecosystems and soil resources for food production.
  5. Minimizing of the consumption of environmentally harmful construction materials.
  6. Water supply and waste water treatment
  7. Public lighting Management
  8. Effective spatial planning considers the infrastructure and services
  9. Life cycle impact


  1. Social Consideration
  2. Equity and Economic Vitality
  3. Balance between environmental quality and economic vitality


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