Al-Azhar Library

Project Description

R E Q U I R E D: Vision, Conceptual Master Plan, Architectural Design

Y E A R: 2013

Our scheme for this international, limited-contestants competition addresses its goal by creating a unique design for Al-Azhar as part of the remaking of a very vibrant precinct in the heart of Cairo within its community. This new library resembles much more than just a place for books, it is a place to learn, meet and explore the vital heritage and most ultimately a place to be an investment in a true public building.
We have harnessed the four key challenges of the project; Salah Salem Road, Al-Azhar’s Islamic heritage, innovation and fulfilling spatial requirements. Our proposal offers a potential for a new sense of public pride derived out of a design that celebrates learning by integrating environmentally and socially sustainable initiatives within an introvert intimate space.

The new ‘Azhar Library’ as a public square provides a unique feature to the area and merges the boundary of internal and external space in a new way that allows for public interaction and introvert privacy. It provides an introvert place for the community as a landscape extension of the building to create a special and highly usable new addition to the public domain.
Our aim for the design has been to create a building that reflects to the role of Al Azhar as a center for Islamic education and culture uniquely and represent it in a contemporary image. Our proposal is designed to be inclusive with a developed sensitivity to the integration of the past and the celebration of the new.

In a challenging conventional thought on the use of space, we achieve innovative contemporary design that interprets familiar, traditional building types in a new cultural and social paradigm, and endeavor to achieve environmental mindfulness.

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Al-Azhar al-sharif

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