R E Q U E S T: Design & Supervision
Y E A R: 2016
L O C A T I O N:  El-Sayeda Zeinab area in front of the historical eye sewer wall


As a comprehensive higher education institution, the National University for Medical Sciences and Technology aims to become a pioneer in higher education to meet the needs of the current market for its importance in shaping the society and developing its features in the present and future in order to achieve sustainable development that achieves the economic growth of the society. To contribute to the building of the society of the Arab Republic of Egypt, offering a variety of programs of university studies and graduate studies to meet the needs of the community and the labor market.

The university is also committed to qualifying graduates of quality who are able to work for them more than just objective scientific knowledge and have technical skills. They have initial communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, creativity and excellence capable of scientific competition and a sense of responsibility towards their community. To support, improve and develop education, scientific research, training, and experience and community service.

University Objectives

  • Providing an academic environment that promotes effective guidance, growth, academic and professional development, and continuing education.
  • Scientific leadership and excellence in building the knowledge society to be a beacon of universities in Egypt and abroad.
  • Support continuing education within and outside the university and fostering intellectual growth.
  • Providing distinctive education, producing creative research that serves the community and contributes to building the knowledge economy by creating an environment conducive to education and intellectual creativity, and local and global partnerships.

The University measures its performance by applying high standards that respect the great aspirations and strive for excellence through our commitment to the highest standards of thought in education and innovation.

Enhance the capabilities of graduates and build bridges of communication through a supportive learning environment and also through critical thinking, creativity and scientific accuracy.

Improve health through innovation and leadership in medical education, clinical practice and pharmaceutical research. Strengthen the management of health policies through the conduct and dissemination of scientific research and the application of such research in education

Provide quality education in pharmacy, medicine, nursing and management for students at all levels, using best practices and evidence-based teaching methods.

Proficiency and excellence in the fields of health and management.

 Attention and focus on quality and not quantity.

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