The Crystal Spark

The proposed land by the GOPP, was meant to be designed as a huge business park, the biggest in Egypt. Since the land parcel is big, we approached the design thinking we want to keep it an open space, hence the verticality.

Vortex Dubai Gateway

Our scheme mainly addresses many challenges. The location of the site as a gate for Dubai linking it with the airport, the uneasy nature of the plot division, the uneasy site constraints in building, the Expo & its location to the site and the notion of designing something so dynamic, that it wouldn’t feel old with time and excels at giving the user a new experience every visit.

Palestinian Embassy, Cairo

A contemporary blend between traditional Palestinian architecture with its elements, and modern architecture with its simplicity and purity, offering an administrative space with a very authentic spirit as well as fulfilling all functional requirements in an efficient and simple way.

Contraco Headquarters Office

The idea is to capture the strong essence of Contraco as it is a construction company through developing a structurally sophisticated building that is iconic and known through its structural innovation and implementing structural solutions in the environmental constraints and requirements.

Mena Rainbow Square

Rainbow colors and the spirit of nature were dominant in the design of Mena Riviera Resort targeting a humanistic approach, comforting the residents in a luxurious natural way. Rainbow Square resembles much more than just a resort for relaxing and entertaining after a hard week, it’s a place where u can experience different activities through the colorful Rainbow walkway and plaza, offering full time enjoyment vacation for adults, teens and kids alike.

Al-Azhar Library

HIGHNESS GRACE SUBLIMITY Our scheme for this international, limited-contestants competition addresses its goal by creating a unique design for Al-Azhar as part of the remaking of a very vibrant precinct in the heart of Cairo within its community. This new library resembles much more than just a place for books, it is a place to learn, meet and explore the vital heritage and most ultimately a place to be an investment in a true public building.

Helsinki South Harbor

The South Harbor is in a very rich context with history, culture and nature. The significance of the surroundings had to be fully understood to meet the urban requirements and add something new while having full respect towards the cultural heritage. The “Life Lines” Harbor is considered to be a dynamic output via two different approaches. The Natural Heritage & The Cultural Heritage

Nabq Bay

NABQ Protected Area (NPA) is a 600 km2 (230 sq mi) protected area located in the Egypt, South Sinai Governorate. It was established by the Prime Ministerial where Dahab marine section was added to the protected area as a Dahab Environmentally Managed Area DEMA and finally having NABQ Managed Resource Protected Area which is known shortly as (NMRPA).

Palestinian Consulate, Cairo

To revitalize the legacy of Palestine through using stones as a symbol of their heritage and struggle across the history, in contradiction to using the glass facade that symbolizes freedom, transparency and the eye of the future. By so, the materials of the building are the major effect where the past and the future collide giving a new fresh image to the deep legacy of Palestine.

Al-Fustat Open Museum

“FUSTAT, THE OPEN MUSEUM” transcends the region to be a cultural heritage site that is unique in the world, where the integrated area of Fustat along with the area of Islamic Cairo and Khedivian Cairo to be a world heritage site, within the framework of integrated development policies aimed at economic development of the site balanced with environmental and aesthetic heritage and tourism potential, which is based on having the largest variety of archaeological sites on a global level, by following the policies of rehabilitation, preservation and configuration, aiming to integrate historical and modern areas ensuring continuity and vitality.

Riyadh Bridge Prototype

We were commissioned to design a modern prototype for a series of pedestrian bridges along the King Fahd Road, Riyadh. It is the main spine in Riyadh containing most of the city’s corporate offices, towers and businesses. The bridges are currently under construction.

Qatar Palace

Our architectural proposal & philosophy is a distinct and unique theme with a strong sense of identity and character. It has a highly expressive, simplistic approach, infused with a sense of light and space. Light and views are the driving forces of the house mixed with the essences of the living nature.

Royal Palace Resort

A unique royal and luxurious Moroccan spirit was the dominant for designing a spa and wellness center targeting the elite society of Qatar.