Helwan Vision

Helwan future establishment…

Helwan is a city in Egypt and part of Greater Cairo, that's how the vision for a greater Cairo is prescribed for developing the capital Helwan (1.9 million persons), by pursuing some principles and strides to achieve a vision for a better Egypt.

Objectives and challenges

A vision for helwan is to create a welcoming environment, since helwan has remained one of the touristic ambitious advantage cities for many years until the middle of the last century, which requires the need to preserve this historical region from urban invasion which is now threatening by growing and in addition to raising the reasons of environmental pollution as a result of factories polluting activities. As well as the existence of civilizational, cultural and touristic facet, whether, cultural, educational, or remedial, tourism, which can be invested and considered one of the sustainable development axes aimed to, in the future vision for the city of Helwan.

New housing extensions

Helwan will be developed through accommodating around 10-12 million persons which means (30% of the region inhabitants), also through developing the water and sewage sectors. Moreover, the vision will be implemented through creating new urban communities, with 5 new industrial and logistic areas. Likewise to establish 3 dry harbors. The vision is also to spawn an Olympic city as well. Along with the greater Cairo development which will be achieved through conceiving a trade town and devising an international recreational city. A want of a natural protection and safari is considered as well as developing touristic Helwan Cornish with the land reclamation, together with 8 desert hinterland villages, creating El-Saf and Atfeeh cities as well.  Last but not least, a better future development for Helwan and a greater Cairo will be made with other 2 industrial agricultural clusters development.