Giza Vision

Greater Cairo to be… Deep look at Giza Governorate

Giza is the most famous city in Egypt. It is considered to be a site of some of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world, including a complex of ancient Egyptian royal mortuary and sacred structures, including the Great Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and a number of other large pyramids and temples, which drives a vision for a better future development, to achieve a vision for greater Cairo it is a must to take a deeper look at all the region sectors including Giza. Therefore to upgrade living conditions to international standard we need to put into consideration the need of having better governance, the housing and informal issues, to improve the environment and increase green areas, to manage with the roads and transportations problems and to provide the water and sewage facilities.

Better Governance                  

A vision is made for Giza toward a better governance realization. The vision has many objectives and goals that need to be implemented to achieve a better future for a greater Cairo. The vision aims to create a special law, and institutional framework, for the greater Cairo that has to be different than local administration law. As well, to encourage cooperation of the private sector for the development of the projects also to identify clear roles for the province's urban communities and to give each of them a branding that prevents competition among them.


A vision for a greater Cairo, for a better future for Giza has many purposes some of them are achieving prosperity for the region as a whole, Giza- as a major part of the greater Cairo region in addition to strong economic  growth through optimum use of historical and cultural components in the region. Likewise the vision has an intention to achieve a more balanced urban structure for the main touristic area in greater Cairo region. The vision is ambitiously providing civilized residential environment and suitable housing costs to the habitants, as well as the development of the living environment of surrounding areas. Therefore it is also coordinating the thoughtful with the objectives and development strategy for greater Cairo region. Furthermore, the vision intention is to plan and implement a modern village compatible with the environment the balanced historical sites, all the basic services and tourism potentials, which serve tourism and to be a source of income for most residents of the village. Last but not least it's toward promoting the development of human resources and controlling the future urban expansion.  

Housing and informal: decentralization and redistribution of population in Cairo and Giza

The vision simultaneously is made for Giza toward a housing and informal development. The development will be achieved through the decentralization of Cairo, Giza through upgrading unsecure and unplanned areas by opening new access roads, provide a suitable relocation areas (if need) on near location within the same governorate or in 6thof October or Helwan.. Also to accommodate, the expected population, increase in 6th of October and Helwan. Furthermore the protection and preservation of planned areas in Cairo and Giza through enforcing building regulations Moreover to Deal with unsecure and non-planned areas, through execution, plan, and precise time schedule.

Basic Principles of housing in the capital

 Carrying out this vision has to be followed by some basic principles, to gain it success. Referring to the basic principles of housing in the capital, that are known as creating adequate urban house with high living condition, upgrading  informal areas by converting them to planned areas with complete infrastructure and services. Further, to take in consideration, as priorities, the social issue and protection of citizens life when upgrade informal zones.