Egypt 712

Obstacles and challenges

However Egypt faces many obstacles of housing, economic and spaces challenges. Housing problems are presented as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, social inequalities, and population expansion. Therefore the economic problems are granted as scarcity of conventional resources, as well as the spaces problems which are the population concentration, urban sprawl, and the extent of land for development validity. A vision for a better future for Egypt has been raised toward a new development for Egypt to stress on the Egyptians rights which are the health, services, human's rights, freedom, knowledge, education, dignity, quality of life, and civilization.

Egypt New Future

A vision toward a better future is conceived toward building and developing a new future. Egyptians must define their goal, have a different life perspective, overcome all the obstacles and challenges that Egypt faces, therefore they can jump to the future, while never wasting a moment and dreaming bigger. Egypt is a great country worth building a future, worth changing reality, worth seeking quality of life, the Egyptian quality of life is more important than life itself. Various developments will be achieved through this vision like theory of health concern, transportation with smart solutions; also this vision gives a privilege of health education, culture for each and every person, constructing better roads to make the Egyptian's life easier.

Goals and Delusions

Egypt 7/12 is seeking the essentials of life from many perspectives and challenged pursued to be achieved, for instance like water essence, energy expediency, human performance, water resources network, energy resources network, roads smart networks. All of these are ventures to be accomplished toward a better future that every Egyptian dreams about.

National Dream

Egypt constituted a new vision for a national dream, toward making Egypt's new map, 7 new capitals toward a better future. This vision is not prescribed for Cairo only it involves all Egypt, all sector with the entire categories. This recommended vision, is generating a cultural, spiritual, political and entertainment Cairo capital. Moreover Alexandria, Seneen, Luxor, Al waha, Toshka Egypt's new delta, The vision seek to erect a science, knowledgeable, business, trading, world heritage, green technology, eco agriculture capitals. A vision for 7 symbols within 12 sparks… for making an essential development of like, toward creating a new era started the mission that has begun back to dignity and royalty, through exploring the destiny and future.