Cairo Vision

The Victorious and the oppressor (Cairo)

Nothing is impossible as long as there is will, desire and future vision. Egypt has more wonders than any other country in the world, and provides more works that defy description. This is why it is necessary for us as Egyptians to enrich this picture  and to add to it something that our grandchildren will be able to say, that enhances Egypt’s characteristics.

The greater Cairo vision aims to create a new horizon for all the Egyptians. The main development includes two main sectors to reach Cairo's vision and evolution, which are upgrading living condition to international standard through roads and transportations development, improvement of water and sewage, improving the environment and increasing green areas housing and informal. On the other hand, increasing the competitiveness of Egyptian capital through culture and media sector improvement also industrial sector expansion,  furthermore tourism sector expansion, Education sector advancement, increase of health sector, finance and trade sector,  as well as  technology and telecommunication sector.

Upgrade living conditions to international standard

Better Governance

The Greater Cairo vision, intent to build, a better governance:  through explicating the limits of the administration barrier of the capital within the region. Further, to settle special law, and institutional framework, for the capital this is different than local administration law. The vision aim is to encourage cooperation of the private sector in development projects programs. The ideal purposes are identifying clear roles for the province's urban communities and giving each of them a branding, to make it distinctive and different that will prevent competition among them.

Housing and informal

Moreover, the vision aims to develop the housing and informal by constituting Adequate urban house with high living condition. The urgency of upgrading informal areas will be achieved by converting them to planned areas with complete infrastructure and services while taking into consideration, as priorities, the social issue and protection of citizen's life while upgrading the informal zones. in order to preserve the special character of these zones and control demolition and building, a concern need to be considered for building regulations for zones like Maadi, Heliopolis, Garden City, El Dokki, Mohandessin, Agouza and others planned zones. The informal areas are divided into two unsecure and unplanned areas both of them need to be developed from one hand by providing adequate houses for the unsecure areas, on the other hand maintain services and housing units also upgrading the unplanned areas through rarefaction to open accesses and roads, also by providing essential services, facilities in pockets and vacant land. The vision main goal is to provide the citizens with quality of life therefore they are arranging adequate and complete houses for inhabitants before leaving their homes additionally by devising houses with new trends with good living conditions to all inhabitants of informal areas in the capital.  Thus the vision target as well is to provide 2.5 million houses with all services and transportation according to international standard for good quality of life

Green Areas

The vision has also put into consideration creating a pure environment while increasing the green areas. It will be implemented by raising the rate of green areas and relocating polluting industries to forge the one's quality of life within a pure, calm, relaxing environment.

Roads and Transportations

Moreover Cairo's development also in need of transportation expansion which will be carried out by increasing the subway lines,  and upgrading the roads network,

Water and Sewage

The vision also dealt with the water and sewage development by completing the ongoing projects to cover 100% of the region by water and sewage network. Furthermore, it will be developed by creating brut water network for irrigation, also the exploitation of treated wastewater in forest tree cultivation.

 Increase the competitiveness of Egyptian capital

Culture and media sector

Increasing the competitiveness of Egyptian capital is considering the culture and the media sector while forming a set of specialized museums, cultural centers on the international level, also establishing global movie studios and designing an international library in Cairo.

Industry Sector

The vision is considering the industry sector as well for a Cairo development and better future. The industry sector development will be spawned by establishing groups of industrial clusters in the field of textile industry, building materials. While Adding technology centers along urban corridors at east, west, south. Likewise creating numbers of training units centers to facilitate control of business in electronic industry. Those projects will reduce expenses, upgrade quality and provide new job opportunities and set up the citizen's desired life.

Health sector

Health is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism that will set up a quality of life if was put into considerations. The health improvement will be initiated by creating two medical towns that are designed especially for tertiary care, also spawning air ambulance and medical evacuation, while focusing on natural medicinal products as well.

Education Sector

The vision aims to increase competitiveness through developing the educational sector by establishing Cairo international city for education and research, also through creating three technology poles along the main development corridor, Moreover establishing eight international joint universities, ten center units for training and control researches in science and technology.



Tourism Sector

Tourism is an essential factor in any country development. Therefore the vision for a greater Cairo took into consideration three main points within expanding the tourism sector to have more benefit from, and effective impact as well. These points are first to make a usage of  the Nile river as a recreational axe, secondly to transform the  Islamic, Coptic, Khedive Cairo zones to open museum and touristic centers, thirdly to put into consideration the expansion of the recreational and therapeutic tourism, conferences and exhibitions.

Finance and Trade Sector  

The goal of creating a greater Cairo development will be efficiently progressed through creating centers for financial services well served with transportation and telecommunication network, while supporting the financial sector to finance small projects as well. Also the vision will be carried out by activating the economic cores for local industries, and national program to exceed rate of dealing persons with the sector.

Telecommunication and Technology Sector

Moving on with the dynamic sector which make the life much more easier and flexible which will be attained by establishing number of technology universities conjointly increasing export of services and technology products while developing information infrastructure, and enlarging the  use of technology tools,  Moreover the telecommunication has an essential goal to reach by continuing to liberate the sector to contribute with international agreements on commercial bodies in order to encourage investors participation.

Denouement and development

Last but not least the greater Cairo improvement will be powered by the two main explained sectors which will drive Cairo to a new future and planning new horizon by putting into consideration firsly to upgrade living conditions to international standard and secondly to work toward increasing the competitiveness of Egyptian capital