Cairo 2050

Introduction: obstacles and challenges

Architecture is the art of making the content and the forms of a civilization coincide.  Egyptian architects aim for a bright future for their country therefore they perceived a new stunning vision for developing a greater Cairo. However The Arab Republic of Egypt has a unique geographical position in Northeast Africa, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, on the Mediterranean and Red Sea, and its connection to Sub Saharan Africa through the Nile Valley. It holds many challenges and obstacles that are seeking to overcome.Like the high residential density in main existing cluster, the rising traffic congestion, the  limit undistinguished use of culture and natural resources, the ordinary living condition in some areas, the limited green space and the slums,illegal areas scattered with a high density around 40%. The main problem is not the size; Egypt is so vast, the main challenge is the population distribution over the whole region area which the new development toward a greater Cairo strives to achieve.

Previous Studies

Since 2005, some studies have been implemented for the new development toward a greater Cairo. The execute technical cooperation with the national and international firms has elaborated these studies, from which they realized that Cairo needs new strategic plan based on sustainable principles, that Cairo is in need for massive and rapid shift in thinking and implementation tosecure better life for current and future generations.Egypt has among the longest histories of any modern country is considered a cradle of civilization. Therefore like all the civilized countries as (Paris, London, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Tokyo) having a vision of series of development, Egypt as well is endeavoring to reach a new horizon and drawing a new prospect. Within its strength and challenges as being, one of the largest cities in the world in the labor force with large markets and purchasing power. Having a strong contribution in the national economy as well as its heritage and tourism structure that stress on the way it will develop and shine as being consisted of Ancient Egypt , Coptic, Islamic period Nile river , oasis and  natural resources.

Citizens Insights: what the Egyptians want?

Looking at Egypt from citizen's perceptive… and asking oneself a question what Cairo citizens want in their city? Looking deep getting more insights we found that the majority are looking to have equity in the citizens' levels, to have jobs, to live in a clean city without pollution and congestion, to have wide streets and parks with good transportation,secure and safe city, to provide adequate housing for all different society levels... Moreover they want their city to be integrated having a tourist culture leading role and linked with other cities all over the world. Starting a new change,through combining these insights, will help in creating a greater Cairo through making a vision consisted of three main factors to be global, green and connected.

International Integrated Global City

The vision has many objectives toward a greater Cairo. Firstly it will be initiated as an international integrated global city.Egypt has many resources as the African gate that is known to be one of the best Middle Eastern capitals. It’s Regional and international pole for: political, administrative gave the capital a new mark of strength, being diverse culturally, and within tourism moreover, it's economic sectors that differentiate it from other countries. Furthermore, Cairo is known as the Capital of world heritage. It act effectively in the global culture networks and as an active partner in the global knowledge, still it includes tourism and commercial activities and high level business.Also social, cultural and tourism and institutions to protect, attract different talents, known as a global city with high technology as well.

International Integrated Green City

Secondly it will be inaugurated as an international green integrated city. Some principles and procedures have to be handled to achieve the development. One in which is to create good living condition for its citizens (to be among the 30 best cities in the world). Additionally toward the development the need to be one of the pioneer cities on the context of environmental level is a must. Moreover a restoration of urban and architecture heritage of the city and elimination of slums have to be achieved. In addition, reaching the international standard for green areas/per capital, making more routes for pedestrian, open and green areas and public squares has to be implemented toward creating a green well-structured place for citizens to live in.


International Integrated Connected City

Thirdly it will be devised as an international connected integrated city. Spawning a city socially connected having social equity and social cohesion. To achieves commitment to the participatory and cooperation cultures, between the government, and private sector and civil society.The city is a part of national and international community. Moreoverit aim toward creating roads, transportation networks, making connectionat an international standard, having access to roads network linking Cairo suburbs to regional roads. Besides, technologyconnected network has a link to government services through internet (high speed internet – road band connection). The vision aim as well is to construct an administrative range connected within the different sectors to serve the citizens. These are the vision toward creating a connected integrated city suitable for each and every Egyptian.

The Leading Innovation

Last but not least, you have definitely heard about the new administrative capital that is in the process to be structured in Cairo.This will be a leading innovation for the vision and development of the greater Cairo. Toward creating a new horizon for citizen to live in a well-structured place where they will take their rights and know their duties Egypt future is glistening. This new vision has the probability to become a powerful bridge between Egypt’s prosperous past and its spirited future.

And in order to reach our vision for a greater Cairo the vision was divided to 3 main Visions. Every Vision contains multiple projects serving the greater Cairo vision

Cairo Vision

  • Infrastructure.
  • Cairo Central Parks.
  • Ramsis square.
  • Roud El-Farag District.
  • Maspiro CBD.
  • New Governmental District.
  • City of the Sun.
  • Al-Azhar Central Park.
  • Down Town.
  • Maadi District.
  • Projects under construction.

Giza Vision

Helwan Vision

  • Bella Donna trading center
  • Avenues
  • Degla Safari Park
  • Cinema production City (Oscar City)
  • Cars trading center
  • Medical City