CUBE was founded in 1990, officially established in 1995 by Prof. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen, Professor of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. And since then CUBE has been has passion and ultimate creative outlet. Joined by a number of experienced executives, partners, managers and designers, as well as the force of young hungry visionaries, a unique spirit was created. Our turning point was in 2005, when we started proposing visions for the government, to help make our country a better place. Since then, we became known for our visionary thinking, and we became a unique Visionary Design Studio.

Throughout the years, CUBE has garnered some valuable partnerships, and many cooperation protocols have been signed with overseas expert houses in the following specializations.

CUBE is considered an architectural consultancy firm involving distinguished experiences in various fields of integrated specializations from city planning, urban and architectural design, interior design, landscape architecture, environmental studies, various engineering studies and consultancies to quality control, value engineering, development management and implementation supervision.

Since we mainly seek to provide special services to our clients, we have cooperated with the largest international expert houses in various fields providing high technology and intelligent solutions promoting the (Urban Environment) concept and thus achieving the spatial and architectural quality using the new concept combining advanced technology with the urban and architectural local heritage roots.

Over the years, we have worked in nearly 10 countries across the globe – immersing ourselves in the uniqueness of each place – getting to know the history, people, food, language, costumes, traditions and heritage. It is our goal to evoke a contemplative experience, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual connection to the land in order to create a sense of place that adds genuine context to the development of our projects.
Those countries include Egypt, South Africa, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Finland and the USA.
The total value of projects planned, designed and supervised by CUBE is about 5 billion dollars over the past years of experience in various mega projects in Egypt and abroad through a distinguished team of consultants in various fields.

Architectural Design Department. ADD
Spatial Design Department. SDD
Graphics & Multimedia Department .GMD
Urban Planning and Landscaping Department. ULD
Construction & Tender Documents Department. CTD
Construction Supervision Department. CSD
Project Management Department. PMD
Research & Development Department .R&D

Chairman words

I believe that the buildings we shape, thereafter they shape us. Thus we can utilize our urban and architectural local heritage to shape our values and future development.
Since 1986, at Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering Department of Architecture (FEDA), I have been educating my students my philosophy of how to have a distinctive thoughts via the language of the future. From then on, I’m proud that most of my colleagues at Cube were my students at a time. I actually do love and believe in them all.
After 20 years of strenuous efforts to convert dreams into reality, I have been fortunate, as an Egyptian architect, to be able - in collaboration with a creative team, to navigate through seven thousand years of great civilization and enable this heritage to raise the nation’s society level and consequently maintain its superior position worldwide, in an effort to restore Egyptian leadership. I believe that the more we indulge in localization and nationalism the more likely we can achieve international recognition. The formation of our houses and our urban architectural environment reflects on our community and the future generation. Thus architecture is basically a reflection of the society and its development mechanism.
Also, I believe that the quality of architecture could impact quality of life. As we shape our shelters, hence we shape our future. All aspects that have an impact on our quality of life such as the surrounding environment, health, safety, freedom, all the related positive and negative issues, etc… should lead us to accomplish sustainability, progress and public development.
The future is different and we should recognize how to deal with it, how to communicate and how to write in the future language of architecture

Ashraf Abdel Mohsen


CUBE firm is considered an architectural consultancy firm involving recognizable experiences in various fields like city planning, urban and architectural design, various engineering studies and consultancies to quality control, value engineering, development management and implementation supervision. Architecture is known to be a great spirit, accordingly, our vision is nothing less than realizing the real meaning of architecture and how it reflects on the formation of our community and the upcoming generations.


With a great inspiration, belonging, and affection, we embrace our responsibility to create a world full of art, we build, and we don't talk. And as the sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building. Cube has a mission of managing architecture and planning design in a counter party spirit, also developing a high quality design and space solution while achieving the client requirements and putting into consideration the proposed budget by being precise in the time and quality control of our sense.