A whole new way of designing

Architecture is a visual art … The virtual reality tools granted the architects and designers to create building in 3D spaces, this new technology offered them the opportunity and power to transform the way architects design and communicate buildings before they are actually built.

We at cube consultants, all our recent designs was implemented with the virtual reality technology technique… to end up with the old traditional rendering technique… which led that the architect entering a building for the first time , but unfortunately the space doesn’t match his perceived vision for the design.

The virtual reality technology gave us the power to feel, test and visualize the buildings before they are actually built. It incredibly gave us a sense of scale, depth, materials  and spatial awareness that could never be implemented by the traditional renders, animation or physical scale exemplary.

It’s main role was shown in every stage from the beginning of the design to the construction process, also from the evaluation designs option and proposals to arranging out errors and sewing out constructions and accessibility issues before breaking ground on site.

With the VR technology we experienced the fact of getting into the spaces itself, twisting the forms, adding materials finishes and products while walking around and experiencing our own creation from all angles. Finally we could sense the proportion and the scale within this inventory 

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