The Palestinian Embassy


The Palestinian embassy is one of the most important embassies it represent the Palestinian country on the Egyptian lands. 

The concept

Smart….. Sustainable

The main concept behind the Palestinian embassy design refers to using the olive tree which is known to be a pervasive tree, it’s characteristically branches, has given a soften color scheme and visual consistency to Palestine’s highlands.  The secret behind using it is that this tree and its oil have a special meaning in Palestine.

The olive tree is known to be an essential aspect of Palestinian culture, heritage, identity, and it symbolize the hope and struggle of the Palestinian people while giving them a feeling of comfy as if they are home.

The secret behind the concept

 The olive tree is a symbol of their ties and strengthens to the land also a symbol to protect the Palestinian integrity by using it to surround the embassy. The humble olive tree also has real efficient valuation as a wealth tree, protection and preservation, of shelter and sustenance.


Each aspect of the project, idea, surrounding atmosphere are consistently defining the obvious discovery of the Palestinian culture. And this is the main focus that we want to maintain. To develop a new understanding of how the Palestinian civilization and culture very important that must be taken into consideration. We are at CUBE consultants, human oriented designers, researching the identified clarity through every project. We see things clear, certainty that reflects on our designs chiefly this one it was fair that we need to stress on the goals to achieve and on the importance of the Palestinian embassy that is constructed to be an ideal Palestinian part on the Egyptian land.

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