The New Gateway for the future

Getting back to the time when Egypt was the richest and most powerful civilizations in the world, when the Egyptians built the pyramids, especially the  Pyramids of Giza, which are known to be the most magnificent man-made structures in history, with their massive scale reflecting the unique role that the ancient Egyptians, played in the Egyptian society. Egypt today is moving towards a new civilization, and seeking to repeat the dominant civilizations with the new Cairo capital formation.

The Cairo Capital

One doesn’t have to look far for inspiration for what this new capital city can attempt. Cairo grants a world-city atmosphere of historic sense and regional inspiration. Revelation for the subsequent city will also be drawn from the best national environments from across the globe. That’s why the new Cairo capital needs an iconic symbol that represents the formidable future that Egypt has an ambition to achieve. Creating, an iconic symbol that describes the Cairo capital city while having the ring as a gateway. which is the actual combination between the two natures the sea and the land. The gateway is created to be the first path to the future… In which you can see an imaginary world that you always dreamt about.

The New Gateway Concept
The ring tower gateway (height 400m), is the place where dreams comes true in the top it exist hotels, restaurants and entertainment areas suiting all the visitors needs and inspirations. Inside the ring there is a wheel that can take you to the other world, which is the sea world in which, you will find yourself in the bottom inside a tremendous museum and aquarium, from which you can explore all the undersea animals to grasp a fun facts and much more about the underwater life, from sea turtles to octopus and corals, you will be in the right place to take a deep dive into life under the sea. The ring as its total built up area around 200 m2 arc eye shaped, has many benefits,( heat, technology, engineering, civilization and knowledge).like generating energy, it is created with a high technology, varying at night and morning At night it has a lightening technology that makes lid with different colors, attracting the visitors perception, plus a virtual projection that makes you see the moon reflection so does in the morning with this technology that makes you see the sun reflection simultaneously. 


Objectives and Goals

The main objective of this ring is to be an iconic symbol with brilliant, genius construction, for Cairo capital, with a very simple and creative brilliant imagination it can be achieved as it refers to our rich civilization, and creativity in inventions. The ring is unique it is the first time to create such an innovative idea, Therefore the Cairo capital and its iconic ring are the start towards a tremendous fantastic future that each and every Egyptian deserves to live. It will describe Egypt and the whole Egyptian community now and for the upcoming stages.

A time for action

Normally, as we develop our new city with the new iconic gateway, and as it is a high charge project development, in this case we need to have the extensive and the cooperation of the investors in this timely development, which is known to be an appropriate development of an outstanding location. Egypt with a prosperous history and hopefully a lucrative future!

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