Whatever good things we build end up building us

"Cube is always striving for new ideas, new dreams, and new accomplishments". The Cairo capital is known as a livable City that works to create a new Egypt of great streets and complete neighborhoods, where walking and bicycling, where public spaces are beautiful, well-designed, and well-maintained, and where housing is more plentiful and more affordable. The Cairo capital is working towards a livable city through creating new destinations and improving connectivity. Each community within the city will provide employment and living opportunities as well as a variety places to help the citizens and visitors.

The Cairo capital is designed to be a livable City which is dedicated to improving transportation, land use, open space, and environmental policies. There are five fundamental aspects of great, livable cities: that The Cairo capital has put into consideration which is to robust and complete neighborhoods, accessibility and sustainable mobility, a diverse and resilient local economy, vibrant public spaces, and affordability.

The Cairo capital is performed as a livable city to achieve the one’s quality of life through designing a flexible, sustainable, accessible community. The Cairo capital is a dream for every Egyptian toward living a qualified life with all the delightful services that it offered through maintaining the seven principles which leads to the best way of living anyone can dream of.

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