The consistency Challenge

Meanwhile the new administrative Cairo Capital is prescribed as a matter for every Egyptian. This capital is designed to be consistent, welcoming for all Egyptians, with different scales and areas. Creating a new life, growth and development is the essential core for a consistent community, along with devising a new comfortable, sustainable, life that all humans deserve to have. The core by intriguing a consistent capital is to consider all the tremendous things that is done and more to be done in the new administrative capital that combine all Egyptians with different facilities and scales.


The aim is to create a new residence, designed to adapt and grasp its natural setting, while being divergent in uses and welcoming cultures. Stressing on the consistency fact that this capital will be designed for all division, to serve all Egyptians. Each community within the city will provide employment and living opportunities that meets the quality of life, as well as a variety of entertainment areas like: stores, cafes, and public parks. Educational areas: schools and universities, also religious establishments as mosques and church suitable for workers, visitors and citizens. Which means that the combination of all sectors is a must. This new administrative capital will create the ultimate goal, for every person, to live happily, safe, and to be delighted with all the services this capital can provide.

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