People ignores designs that ignores people

“Street and their sidewalks, the main public spaces of a city, are its most vital organs.” The Cairo capital is designed to be a walkable city which means that it stresses on the walkability concept as a measurement of how friendly an area is to walking. Walkability has health, environmental, and economic benefits. Factors influencing walkability include the presence or absence and quality of footpaths, sidewalks or other pedestrian rights-of-way, traffic and road conditions, land use patterns, building accessibility, and safety, among others.

Walkability is an important concept in any sustainable urban design. The Cairo capital  has realized the core of being a walkable city which is defined to be The extent to which the built environment is friendly to the presence of people living, shopping, visiting, enjoying or spending time in an area. The new city is safe to go anywhere, network for walking areas and bicycle areas.

The safety concept is way more important for anyone it’s what everyone seeks to have; being safe is the primary element to look for. This is exactly what The Cairo capital  had in mind, creating a safe city for the citizens to feel free and walk in wherever place they choose, without the fear of any uninspected thing to happen.

The Cairo capital is on the way of realizing the people’s dream of having the quality of life; to understand the meaning of how to be delighted with life, but how can this be realized without feeling secure. That’s how The Cairo capital has crossed the border to design a well-structured city within the seven effective principles; one of them is the walkable, safe concept.

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