My Green City Back to Nature with Attitudes and Style

The cairo capital is designed to be a city of parks and sustainable city, a community of residents, neighbors, workers, and visitors who strive together to balance ecological, economic, and social needs to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for all members of society and for generations to come. It is designed as the latest world standard, having green areas everywhere, and designed to be a fresh city. Welcoming to all Egyptian by its prosperous green fresh nature suitable for every Egyptian need of calmness, relaxation.

Green areas is one of the most efficient elements which have to be presented in the new administrative capital as a sign of cleanness, purity, freshness to suit all the Egyptians needs and wants to seek the quality of life attributes. To seek creativity and productivity, there is a need of having calm and fresh areas which are known as the most important attributes that drive the citizens to be productive at work and to be delighted with life as well. Therefore designing a green fresh city is the goal of building a new administrative capital seeking the pleasure of every citizen and building his glistering future with this prosperous development.

Let’s give the chance to Egypt to be one of the cleanest cities in the world.  Creating a Clean, Green-Hassle- – World- -Capital City, should be our target toward a sustainable, green fresh city for all, the dream is coming true. Wedian is on her way to existence.

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