Connected city

What makes a city? Places we live. Places we work. Places we shop and enjoy ourselves. The city main concern is to create a suitable environment for the citizen where he can have the quality of life of working, shopping and enjoying life…the Cairo capital is a city of ranges closely connected, each village dedicated to a different way of life.

The technology can help towns and cities deliver services more cost effectively, improving the planning, design and delivery of transport, infrastructure and buildings to create healthy, sustainable, resilient and prosperous places. That’s what Cairo capital is designed as a connected, bracketed city with a transport networks. As well to become a business city covering all the government departments. The new connected city will help the citizens in their daily routine to go to their places without the worry of being late cause of the traffic chaos. This new capital has solved this tremendous problem by creating a new city with connected transportations to help the citizens and create flexibility and easiness in the Egyptian’s daily routine.

Making a new city with connected transportation has fantastic benefits on the city and on the citizen as well. On one hand, for the city it will have more efficient traffic low, less pollution and other environmental impacts, more efficient use of budget, have better visibility into traffic conditions and better infrastructure investments. On the other hand it has more benefits on the Egyptian citizen to improve his road safety, it will be less congestion, reducing frustration and fuel costs, and better driving and community experience as well, the most effective impact that will face the Egyptian citizen is stopping the traffic jam and to reach his work without the worry of being late. The Cairo capital  is the development toward the future is the dream on his way to be realized.

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