The best way to predict a Future is to design it

The Cairo capital is a smart city leading the world by providing technologies that make our destinations smarter places to visit, work, live and play. The Cairo capital is designed to be a smart city, having many utilities, services, and various transportations. A smart city is a city equipped with basic infrastructure to give a decent quality of life, a clean and sustainable environment through application of some smart solutions. The Cairo capital main goal is reaching the quality of life concept, by the technology interference, which has made everything easy and can be reached smoothly.

Smart city is an approach to municipal government that emphasizes the use of IT systems to help increase operational efficiency, disseminate information to residents and visitors, and improve the quality of government services. The usage of the technology in the new administrative capital will make life so much easier and will connect all the areas with the smart technology within the city to finally reach the quality of life desired by every Egyptian.

Egypt future is shining will all the benefits of a smart city using the smart technology to make the Egyptian’s life much easier and to let him be delighted with all the smart city benefits which that in a smart city, economic development and activity is sustainable and rationally accumulated by virtue of being based on success-oriented market drivers such as supply and demand. They benefit everybody, including citizens, businesses, the government and the environment.

One thought on “The best way to predict a Future is to design it”

  1. I really hope that our new administrative capital meets our high expectations to the very smallest details, I really wish that every design is studied carefully in every single aspect that is going to affect our lives and change our behaviors/bad habits forever and drives us to a more bright future and prosperity, I appreciate the concept and wish that it is constructed that exact same way as in your designs.

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